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RoPax & Ferries - Highlights

TT Line

LNG RoPax Ferry
Yard No778 / 779 CustomerTT Line No. of ships built

Brittany Ferries

LNG-RoPax Ferry
Yard No774 CustomerBrittany Ferries No. of ships built

Loch Seaforth – RoPax Ferry

RoPax Ferry
Yard No764 CustomerCMAL No. of ships builtOne
The ship is a state-of-the-art, complex RoPax ferry built to carry up to 700 passengers and 143 cars, or 20 trucks.

Northern Expedition – RoPax 600

RoPax 600
Yard No748 CustomerBC Ferries No. of ships builtOne
Flensburger’s RoPax 600 design reflects a ferry that was specially tailor-made for the Canadian Customer BC Ferries, who needed a highly reliable ferry to sail on their Northern Route.