ECA Areas

ECA Areas

Ships built by FSG have always been at home in ECA areas (see diagram) and the shipyard will, in future, continue to offer the best individual solutions to customers in these regions.

  • FSG faces the challenges of the future in partnership with its customers and equipment suppliers
  • FSG offers customers support in adapting their serving ships to meet future challenges

To date, the North Sea and Baltic regions as well as American marginal seas (200 nm) have been designated ECA regions:

  • medium-term, these areas will be expanded throughout the world
  • Step by step, emission limits in the ECAs will be lowered even further, in some cases drastically
  • 2025 and 2016 are the important dates for the introduction of SOx and NOx emission limits

The FSG already has in place well-thought-out solutions for the ships of the future. Low sulphur emission limits have been in force for EU ports since 01.01.2010. These limits can of course be adhered to without problem by ships built at FSG.