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Since our foundation in 1872 we have designed and built more than 750 ships, of unique design and complexity like submersible heavy-lift carriers, seismic vessels, well intervention vessels, state-of-the-art RoRo-ferries or ships for logistic naval support.

For the German Navy as well as for numerous NATO countries we are the main supplier for logistic support vessels. We designed and built ships that form the logistical backbone for all German naval operations. Our ships are uniquely functional, resilient and reliable thanks to exceptionally capable design and can be seamlessly integrated into the operations of existing fleets with tailored naval capabilities.

What we do beyond that:

© Bundeswehr/Marcel Kröncke

Replenishment Ship – (Berlin Class – Type 702)

© Bundeswehr/Alexander Klebba

Supply Ship – (Elbe Class, Type 404)

© 2004 Bundeswehr / Marine

Reconnaissance Ship – (Oste Class, Type 423)


Point Class Sealift Ship

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