FSG Corporate Guidelines

  • We commit to the implementation of sophisticated theory and practice
  • We encourage the entrepreneurial success of our shareholder and focus on the long-term benefit of our customers
  • We promote and respect our employees as the guarantors of our success
  • We act responsible towards customers, suppliers, subcontractors, the environment, state and society

Our Social Guidelines

  • We respect the opinion of others.
  • We accept decisions and implement them loyal.
  • We prefer the common cause more than self-interest.
  • We maintain an open and trusting work environment.
  • We pursue an effective meeting culture.
  • We communicate promptly and accurately.
  • We create the basis for excellent cooperation.
  • We act as an upright role model.

FSG’s Business Ethics

Our business ethics is closely related to our behavioral norms and business practices, which are mainly defined by the following terms:

  • Objective pricing
  • Openness
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Fair competition

Quality Management (QM)

For us, quality plays a major role. Therefore, we continuously enhance the FSG quality management system with the aim to create an even more transparent documentation and implement more quality aspects in our corporate processes.

The FSG quality management system follows our value-creation process. Here, the target achievement is measured continuously. This enables us to correct negative deviations as soon as possible. We understand our quality management system as a management tool which enables the continuous improvement of our company.

All quality assurance measures within the company are carefully planned, especially in terms of possible risks for the customer, in terms of environmental impact and the company. It is our aim to assess any possible project or enterprise risks at an early stage in order to prevent them effectively.

Our risk assessment is closely related to extensive cost and benefit considerations. Therefore, all measures have to be adequate in terms of risk, costs and benefits in order to prevent any negative outcomes for our customers which may be caused by defective or insufficient products.

Those considerations take place in all quality-relevant stages of an order, such as planning, contract review, development, design, fabrication or customer service/warranty. Futhermore, the effectiveness of our own quality assurance system is continuously assessed by internal audits in close cooperation with our top management.

Our staff is highly qualified and participates in internal and external training courses and seminars in order to keep the knowledge up to date.

Your contact person for quality at FSG:

Andreas Philipsen
Head of Quality & HSE
+49 (0) 461 4940 448

Health and Safety

In terms of health and safety, we act according to all relevant legal and regulatory requirements. It is our aim to minimize occupational exposure to risks for injury and accidents. Therefore, we use the latest techniques to protect the health of our employees and all other persons working at the shipyard.

Your contact person for health and safety at FSG:

Andreas Philipsen
Head of Quality & HSE
+49 (0) 461 4940 448

Environmental Protection

We are aware of our responsibility towards the region as an employer and trainer and will work within our means to improve environmental awareness.

Environmental Policy & Aims

We are continuously developing our production, planning and fabrication processes in order to ensure the creation of high-quality products in a resource-efficient way. This includes the use of suitable energy sources and technical tools as well as the constructive and continuous improvement of processes that enable saving resources and prevent unnecessary waste.

  • FSG is certified according to DIN ISO 14001 since 2013
  • Through continuous organizational and technical improvements, fuel consumption was reduced by 14% and VOC emissions by 35% per working hour from 2013 to 2015
  • Although the absolute electrical energy consumption was reduced by 27% from 2014 to 2015, the energy consumption per working hour increased by 23%

FSG’s Environmental Aims / DIN ISO 14001

  • Reduction of energy consumption in relation to working hours/year
  • Reduction of VOC and dust emissions per working hour
  • Substitution of used hazardous substances
  • Intensified training and guidance for employees to act in a more environmentally appropriate way
  • Improvement of the waste recycling system
  • Extension of digital databases and assembly/construction information (paper-free construction)
  • Reduction of fuel consumption for in-plant transportation

Your contact person for environmental management at FSG:

Hauke Altmann
Environmental Management
+49 (0) 461 494 328